Tone House Studios a boutique audio service catering to all styles of music and musicians who are serious about their sound. Professional Recording, Mixing, Mastering BUT, we also do a lot more. We design and build effect pedalboards for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, vocalists, etc. We do Tone Consultation to help you find the exact sound you are looking for. Sick and tired of the poor choices at your local music shop? We have over 20 boutique amps in stock to try. Want to try a vintage fender amp or how about the thickness and raw power of a Bogner Uberschall. Maybe you just want to re-amp your home recordings through our amps?  Need your guitar modified or setup?  Reach out to us with all inquiries.... With our knowledge and resources in the industry, we will be able to help you or point you in the right direction. No budget is too big or small.

Recording Philosophy:  

We look to bring musical vision and soul to reality.  We do this using experience, proven recording techniques, technology and a studio suite full of the highest caliber vintage and digital outboard gear.   We offer tracking, mixing, mastering, and re-amping services.  The experience is one that will never be forgotten and you will come away with the recording you always wanted to hear. -Mike Arz (Owner, Head Engineer)


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