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Tone House Studios

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Tone House Studios, is a recording facility located in West Babylon, NY – owned and operated by Engineer/Entrepreneur Mike Arz. Our goal – to create a music “Hive” where musicians and bands alike, feel comfortable, create and collaborate in a creative and inspiring environment with a no-compromise set of tools. Tone House Studios boasts an unparalleled gear collection that has taken over 20 years to curate.

Our treasured microphone collection features a number of the classics including Neumann U47, U67 (2), AKG C12, AKG C24 (2) vintage tube microphones, RCA 77 DX, Royer 121, Coles 4038 (2) ribbon mics, Neumann U47Fet, Vintage U87(2), original brass capsule AKG414EB (2), AKG C12A (2) condenser microphones to name a few standouts. Our extensive instrument selection covers the gamut of vintage guitars, basses, a baby grand piano, vintage keyboards, analogue synthesizers, drums kits, vintage and modern amps and over 500 guitar pedals/studio effects units.

We have a small army of preamps and compressors highlighted by original Neve & API preamps such as the 1073s (7), 1066s (3), 1081s (4) and 512B’s (7). Legendary Vintage Compressors such as the Neve 33314’s (2), 33609, 2254s (4), Urei Blue Stripe 1176s (3) and modern offerings such as the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

The digital rig is a ProTools 12 HD system with a whole suite of Plugins running on an Apple Mac Pro 2.7 GHz 12 core with 64GB RAM, 48 channels of analog i/o with Lavry Blue, Gold, Cranesong HEDD and HD I/O converters, which gives an excellent sounding mixing rig with plenty of i/o for the most demanding sessions.

We endeavor to keep our rates as low as possible to make the studio accessible to independent artists along with providing a high level facility for major and indie labels. Between our knowledgeable staff, host of audio tools and processing power – Tone House is an extremely comfortable office to work in for guest Engineers and Producers. We offer free consultation to discuss your project and game plan a tailored approach. Thank you for choosing Tone House in consideration for your next project.

Contact Info

We Are Open By Appointment
Call: (516) 978-5317
Email: contact@tonehousestudios.com


Please call to arrange a tour of our facility and discuss your project and our rates.  We give our 100% undivided attention to our clients and therefore only work by advance appointment and can not accommodate walk ins.  Thank you for your understanding.